About TACA


TACA supports excellence and impact in the arts through grant-making, capacity building, and thought leadership.


TACA envisions an innovative, inclusive, sustainable cultural sector, recognized for its essential contribution to a vibrant, prosperous community.

TACA Transforms Lives through the Arts

TACA exists to transform the lives of North Texas citizens via experiences that they have with the arts.

For 50 years TACA has believed that the arts play a critical and unique position in impacting the trajectory of the lives and attitudes of children and of adults.

While there has been great success, that role is even more important today when negativity, distrust and division dominate too many dialogues.

TACA believes that arts experiences offer the opportunity for performers and artists to connect to each audience member and ignite an intimate conversation that demonstrates respect, offers exploration, examines personal challenges, celebrates diversity, and tenders hope, joy, understanding and laughter.

There are three pathways that TACA travels to stimulate the transformation of lives.

Impactful arts experiences.

Providing local arts organizations with the resources to create impactful art experiences

Audience development.

Fueling audience growth, engagement and loyalty

Vibrancy of the arts in Dallas.

  • To make the Dallas area a destination for performers, artists, musicians, writers, directors, and backstage professionals
  • To create an environment that encourages the launch and nurturing of new arts organizations