TACA Announces New Initiatives

The new initiatives will fuel TACA’s vision to transform the lives of North Texas citizens through impactful arts experiences. The three initiatives are:

  • An innovative fund to address Social Impact through the Arts
  • Unrestricted grant support inclusive of All of the Arts in Dallas
  • Guided initiatives that increase the Vibrancy of the Arts in our community

Social Impact through the Arts

TACA will raise dollars to fund arts-based approaches targeting social change and impact in Dallas. Focus areas may include:

  • Cultural and racial equity
  • Cross-sector partnerships
  • Arts education focusing on under-resourced communities
  • Cross-cultural community collaboration
  • Social change capacity building

TACA Funding Will Support All of the Arts in Dallas

For 50 years, TACA has exclusively funded performing arts programming. Beginning in 2018, TACA funding will include non-profit visual arts organizations. The TACA Board of Directors believes that TACA’s support and advocacy including all of the arts in Dallas will have dramatic impact on transforming lives and enhancing culture in our community. The first grants for visual arts programs will be awarded in January 2019.

Increased Vibrancy of the Arts

Data from SMU’s National Center for Arts Research (NCAR) indicates that the vibrancy of the arts in the Dallas area, like other cities studied, is strengthened by increasing numbers of artists, arts performances and arts organizations. Therefore, TACA will guide a multi-year effort to empower and increase expansion of these creative elements of our arts community. Specifically, such efforts intend:

  • To make the Dallas area a destination for performers, visual artists, musicians, writers, directors, backstage professionals, etc.
  • To create an environment that encourages the launch and nurturing of new arts organizations

TACA’s well-established grants programs infuse meaningful evaluative criteria into the review process and set standards of excellence for volunteer committees to review performances and arts programs of applicant organizations. Because of this informed, thorough and high quality grants review process, TACA assures donors and supporters that every contributed dollar invested in TACA will indeed Transform Lives Through the Arts!

Donna Wilhelm, Chair
TACA Board of Directors