Media contact: Caroline Manning, 214.520.3930, Caroline.Manning@taca-arts.org


DALLAS, Texas — October 12, 2012 — Dallas' premier umbrella arts organization, TACA, has received a $100,000 gift from Communities Foundation of Texas in support of its 2013-2014 general operating and project grants, which will be awarded in January.

This is the first time these two organizations have collaborated in this way, however, Communities Foundation of Texas has been a supporter of TACA Perforum, an annual symposium on the performing arts, for multiple years.

"We historically have invested regularly in individual organizations across the performing arts community," said Sarah Nelson, Chief Philanthropy Officer of Communities Foundation of Texas. "It occurred to us that no one has a more robust process for determining performing arts awards than TACA. Our conclusion: we should take advantage of the extraordinary trust the community places in TACA and let them distribute this money instead for greatest impact." Ms. Nelson noted that Communities Foundation holds TACA in the highest regard and that the gift is "a testament to our faith in their process."

"We are so appreciative of Communities Foundation of Texas' generous gift," said Rebecca Young, President and Executive Director of TACA. "This is a wonderful illustration of how collaboration can improve outcomes. TACA and CFT benefit, the community volunteers involved in the grants process benefit. The ultimate beneficiary, however, is the performing arts community."

Andy Teller, Chairman of TACA's Board of Directors, noted that CFT's support is "indicative of the extraordinary commitment TACA has made to our performing arts community."

TACA grants totaling $1.1 million awarded earlier this year are helping to support 41 performing arts organizations, which present more than 4,874 performances that approximately 1.2 million people will attend. Ranging from $5,000 to $100,000, these grants were awarded to a varied group of North Texas' performing arts organizations, from the very large and established to the newly emerging.